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"The pain passes but the beauty remains"

- Pierre Auguste Renoir


Our Services

In a world that has become fast and impersonal we chose a differnt path.

The Path of Caring

Our philosophy at the Stapleton Family Funeral Home has been the belief that a funeral should be a celebration of a life lived. As Path of Caringsuch, each service can be a well thought out tribute to the deceased persons life. We offer our families the use of memorial photograph boards, signboards with the individuals picture and all the information concerning the calling hours, service or mass. We also allow families to bring in music that was cherished by the individal. We offer a varied range of calling hours for different family needs. Additionally, we offer a selection from eight memorial register books to choose from. We offer a vast selection of memorial prayer cards and many verses to choose from on the back of the cards. We include all cemetery information on all our cards. We also offer our families the choice between white or black professional cars. We were the first to have a white hearse in New England. We believe that if a man is left with the choice of color of the hearse, he seldom selects black.

With that in mind, these are the kinds of services we offer.

A Chapel Servicefor the morning of the funeral, whether it be a complete service in our home or a prelude to a church service. At this time we offer our client families the opportunity to read eulogies, participate in a special event or time to sit in reflection and celebrate the life of a lost relative or friend. The families may desire to first meet at the funeral home and then go on to the church in procession, this gives family and friends an opportunity to bid their final farewell.

Church Serviceis a religious experience that some families may welcome as a sign of their religious beliefs. Here we do things a little different. We offer the family the choice to guide their loved ones into and / or out of the church . We believe this creates a personal entrance into the next existence. It is our belief that it may have been the deceased person who first took their children at Baptism into church, and what greater honor is there to allow those offspring to reciprocate.

A Graveside Serviceis the last of our services with the deceased. This is a simple service at the graveside with clergy, family and friends gathered around.

An alternative service is a Memorial Service. This is held after a burial or cremation. This too may be individualized to the families wishes of celebrating the life of a loved one.

Any of the services above may be used in planning a tribute when cremation is preferred. The significant change is the type of mass. If the body is present it is "Mass of Christian Burial". If the body is not present or the cremains are present, it is called a "Memorial Mass"In the protestant Church, there is nothing to prohibit a service with or without the body being present.

Whatever you may choose, we will assist you with the personalized tribute for your loved one.

Luigi Vaccaro Jr. "Louie"
November 23, 2022

Carol Ann Mancini
September 22, 2022

Antonio Sullo
September 16, 2022



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