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"Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon at the end of the ocean."

David Searls


Preplanning a Funeral with 
The Stapleton Family Funeral Home

We understand that planning for a funeral can be a difficult thing, but we can help make the Stapleton Funeral process easier for you and your loved ones. Preplanning is growing rapidly as more and more people are choosing to make arrangements ahead of time. Knowing that your loved ones don't have a heavy burden to deal with can leave you with peace of mind and financial security. We can assist with arrangements in a variety of ways to help make the process as comfortable as possible for you.

We offer two types of arrangements: preplanning all the arrangements, and preplanning and prepaying. Both options allow for necessary arrangements, but also offer the option to pay now or at a later date. We emphasize that the preplanning requires personal attention, and it can be arranged either at our facilities, or at your home.

Preplanning, with payments made at a later date

There are a wide variety of choices to be made when planning a funeral. In choosing all of the arrangements, you have the ability to make whatever decisions needed to help personalize the event. It is important for the customer to know that we are willing to provide the highest quality services to assure that all of your wishes are met.

Preplanning with payment

Paying for a funeral can be a financially heavy task. By preplanning, you are assured that your loved ones will not have financial difficulty. We offer a secure way for your money to be held until need be. By SSI standards, contracts have to be drawn up that ensures that the money for the funeral is irrevocable. This does allow for a transfer of funds to the funeral home’s Stapleton Family Viewing Roomservices that are used. This allows for the freedom to move, or simply change your mind, and not have to worry about previous arrangements. All decisions are transferred, along with the money. When paying for the arrangements, all your money is then entered into an escrow account, which generates interest to keep up with the cost of living. The payments are also entrusted with the New England Funeral Trust, a widely respected institution. By requiring the money to be requested, you have the assurance that there is no danger of a loss of those funds. The funeral home has fiduciary responsibility, meaning they are responsible for guarding the money, and replacing it if need be.

Preplanning gives the funeral home the ability to guarantee three things:

  1. Professional Services
  2. Merchandise
  3. Cash Advances on items such as the church, minister, and cemetery expenses

Preplanning gives the family assurance that the wishes of their loved ones will be met, and that they don't have important decisions to make at such a difficult time. Offering both financial and emotional peace of mind, preplanning is fast becoming an important process. For personal attention and additional information, please contact us.

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